Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Learning Log 5 Pt 1 by Tyheim Kennedy

This week I read the book called, Digital Ground by Malcolm McCullough. The book informs the reader about different places and their specific purposes. For example, in Chapter 1, Deliberating(places for thinking), the author describes places for thinking as places that are secluded and tranquil. Some of the thinking places that the author names are churches, cubicles, and conference offices. Most of these "thinking" places contain a door because it helps the thinker to block out all of the outside noise. The thinker needs a lot of concentration and less distractions in order to come up with ideas. Another example of how places express a certain purpose in their form are museums. A museum's purpose is for observation and studying artifacts. The reason why I know the purpose of a museum because it contains priceless antiques that are sealed up in protective glass so that the public can see them and not break them.

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