Saturday, September 5, 2009

Learning Log 1 Pt 1 by Tyheim Kennedy

I thought this chapter"Psychopathology of Ever day Things" brought forth great examples on how people could have difficulties when working with every day things. I think the reason why people have a hard time with every day objects is because the designers put in all their time creating something beautiful, but they forget to add easy directions. My experience with this type of problem was when I first started washing clothes. As a kid, I thought washing clothes would be easy. I just have to add the soap powder, throw my clothes into the washing machine, and press the "start" button. So I did just that, but before I could push the "start"button I had to select a few more settings. I had to choose the size of the wash, the temperature of the water, and the time that the wash would run. I was so confused that I had to ask my mom for help. But I wouldn't need to ask my mom for help if the designers would put in the equal amount of time developing simple directions as they do with their creations.

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