Thursday, September 10, 2009

Learning Log 2 Pt 1 by Tyheim Kennedy

My response to chapter two in the novel,"The Design of Every day Things", was that Norman is dead on about how people use self blame as a scapegoat,when dealing with a problem or dilemma. My suggestion to these people who blame their selves or devices on problems that can't be solve by them are to seek help from another person or a reliable source. Help is not going to come to you, you have go to it. The reason people use self blame because it gives he or she a reason to quit or to dismiss the problem. There is only one problem to this method it is inevitability, and when it kicks in the person will come across the problem again and again. Until he or she finds a solution, the problem will become impossible to escape from. But some people are afraid to ask for help because he or she does not want to be embarrass by their friends or peers. And sometimes don't want their friends to find out that they lack the knowledge on how to solve their problem.

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