Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Learning Log 3 Pt 2 by Tyheim Kennedy

Another point that Norman discuss in Chapter 3, was that some people use an specific organization system that helps them. Every person in the world has their own organize method. I guess it is just easy for them to keep track of their things this way. For example, one day I went into my grandma's bedroom to look for a pen. I moved some of her stuff around in order to find a pen. I found a pen at last, but I couldn't remember where her things were currently placed. So I tried my best to place all her things in their correct places. After I left her room, she decided to go into her room to get something. She yelled out my name with anger and rage. I came running to room, and ask "what's wrong?" She said to me that if you are going to take something out but it back the way you left it. That day I learned that people become angry when you disrupt their organize methods.

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