Sunday, September 6, 2009

Learning Log 1 Pt 2 by Tyheim Kennedy

I can remember another experience when I had a problem working with every day objects. One day my friends and I were having lunch at a mall. So after we had lunch, I had to stop by the restroom for a minute. After I got done using the toilet, I wanted to flush the toilet but there was no lever. The toilet I used was a motion sensor toilet that require the user to do a certain type of movement to make it flush. I tried everything to make it flush from waving my hands up to the toilet's sensor, and I even pressed the sensor bar continually. I was about to give up, until the toilet flushed on it's own. The reason why it took the toilet a long time to flush because every time I press the sensor bar it took the toilet longer to give out the command. Another thing I found out about the toilet is that it has an auto flush system. So that means I really could of walk away from it because it was going to flush automatically. This is another example about how designers put in all their time to make something new and inventive,but forget to add directions. I had find out the directions of the motion sensor toilet by trial and error.

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