Friday, September 11, 2009

Learning Log 2 Pt 2 by Tyheim Kennedy

Norman also talked about in chapter 2 of his novel,"The Design of Ever day Things" about how people blame their selves for technical problems, when the technology or device is the one to blame. Everyone who's had or have a problem with a device knows first hand to use the instruction manual to get around the problem. But sometimes the instruction manual confuses the viewer even more, this brings forth new problems and frustration. The true is that this is not the person's fault, it is the designer or creator's fault because they never think about the unimaginable. The designers put all their creative energies making the device look sleek and futuristic, rather than doing further more tests on the device to discover new faults. I can remember the same thing happen to me a long time ago. The event took place when I was in 9th grade when I wanted to print out a research paper for my American Studies class. After I typed my research paper, I used the school's printer to print it out. So I proceed to click the "print" button, but the printer did not print out my document. I was so mad that type the paper for nothing because the printer refuse to work. So I remember that I had a flash drive in my book bag that I could store the document inside of it. So I did just that,and I would print the document at home. The next day I found out that the school's printer was out of ink put how could I or anyone discover that problem. Unless he or she look inside the printer to find out it was out of ink. This example proves that designers never can put in the effort to make a device easy to navigate, or easy to see errors within the machines.

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